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Who are we?
We are the Ultimate Frisbee U23 Team from México, we are trying to send 21 players to London, England.  These player are going to represent our young and growing community of Mexican Ultimate.  



Our uniforms!!!!!

$ 1000 USD



 is  ultimate?

What do we need?
Representing our community and going to London to do so, it is an honor to us. This responsibility represents the opportunity to compete at the highest level with passion and discipline. The problem is that here in Mexico the support from our national sport authorities is hard to get, most of us are students and to come up with the money it is hard. All of our tournaments are cover by us and this tournament will be no exception and we will have to pay for all traveling expenses. Every player have to come up with 3000USD, to cover all travel expenses, that amount for most of our player it is difficult and for some it is almost impossible.


What are we doing with the money?

All of the donations are going toward the goal of sending the team to England. Any amount will help us and be closer to compete and give everything we got to represent our Ultimate internationally. Expenses will have to cover are tickets, tournament fees, uniforms and food. If we can get 1500 dollars we can awesome uniforms, 2000 will pay for food for the entire tournament, if you can give us 50 that will help with some travel expenses.


No money?
If you don’t have money for this donation, you can help by spreading the word with your friend, families or with a multinational corporation that is willing to help a young team realize its dream

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